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Monday, 10 January 2022 21:11

Sergeyenko: We oppose attempts to distort history

It is important that all periods of history are presented truthfully, Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko told the media following a government session to discuss Belarus' historical policy on 6 January, BelTA has learned.

Igor Sergeyenko noted that people display a high interest in the country's history. "It is no secret that our opponents are making efforts to uncover some things, to push on some sensitive historical buttons. The historical past has both tragic and heroic pages," he said.

"We stand for historical truth. We need to fight off falsifications, attempts to distort the history. Therefore, we have proposed certain innovations. Yet, we seek to keep the things that have been created,” Igor Sergeyenko said.

According to the head of the Belarus President Administration, a number of issues were discussed at the meeting with the participation of the president. The focus was on further coordination of efforts of all stakeholders, and on the revision of approaches. “The most important thing is to conveye complex historical topics to different groups of the population in layman's terms,” he said.

Igor Sergeyenko stressed that history must not be rewritten. “History should be presented objectively and truthfully, all facts without exception. The same is true about heroic pages that someone is trying to artificially suppress or distort today. We need to show everything. We need a common approach, a common concept of presenting the historical materials,” said the head of the Belarus President Administration.

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