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The territory of the Cherven region was populated many centuries ago. The chronicles about these lands date back to the 14th century. Igumen is the old name of the town of Cherven. The territory which included the neighboring regions (Berezino, Pukhovichi and Uzda) was part of the Igumen uyezd (region).

In 1385, Grand Duke Yagailo signed the Act of Krevo (the Union of Krewo). In line with the Act, the Great Principality of Lithuania and Poland set up the Confederation and Yagailo became the Polish King. In 1392, Duke Vitovt inherited the crown of the Great Principality of Lithuania. He continued the policy of strengthening of the Catholic Church. During that period, the Igumen volost (region) was a property of the Catholic Church until late 18th century.

In 1793, after the second partition of Rzecz Pospolita the settlement of Igumen became part of the Russian Empire. In May 1795, Igumen - the centre of the uyezd (region). On January 22, 1796, the town of Igumen received its own emblem (five golden bees and a silver flower head). On April 18, 2001, the Belarus State Heraldic Service registered this emblem as the modern emblem of the town of Cherven and the Cherven region.

The Soviet power was established in the region in November 1917. On September 18, 1920, the town of Igumen was renamed Cherven.

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