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The Cherven region was founded on July 17, 1924. The region is located in the central part of Belarus, in the east of the Minsk oblast. The Cherven region has common borders with the Borisov, Berezino, Pukhovichi, Minsk, Smolevichi regions of the Minsk oblast and the Osipovichi region of the Mogilev oblast. The regional centre is the town of Cherven. The total area of the region is 1.6 thousand square kilometers. The population of the Cherven region is 34.8 thousand people including 15.2 thousand people living in the urban areas (43.9%) and 19.6 thousand people living in the rural areas (56.1%). The population density is 21 people per 1 kilometer. Some 92.3% of the total population of the Cherven region are Belarusians, 5.3% Russians and 1% Ukrainians. The territory of the Cherven region includes 10 rural councils. 197 villages are situated here.

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